La French Tech

France is undergoing a start-up renaissance driven by a new generation of entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, designers, and other talented people. It’s a new Startup Republic, home to vibrant tech hubs and a hotbed of talent, impregnated with a strong entrepreneurial culture.


La French Tech


La tech france


The name of this movement is “La French Tech”, a banner shared by French startups and the French government which supports them. Launched in 2013, the €200 million initiative supports French startups and places them under a single and powerful brand, both in France and abroad. La French Tech is about startups from all sectors, including medicine. French excellence in this area is nurtured by the French health system, ranked by the World Health Organisation as the best in the world. Talented innovators from all over France are working on solving major health issues in startups as innovatively as a large corporation like Sanofi: from a vaccine for AIDS to portable ultrasounds or specialised surgical instruments, French creativity and clinical excellence is breaking new ground.


Business France X La French Tech


In 2015, Business France was given the responsibility to promote the French Tech brand and initiative internationally. This means showing the world that not only is France an innovation hotspot, but that it is also going through a deep cultural and mentality change, making it more startup friendly than ever. It means ensuring that the La French Tech brand is seen by foreign journalists and investors as the guarantee for quality and amazing talent, so that French entrepreneurs abroad are more visible and more credible. The following success stories speak better than any graph, figures or complicated argument we could come up with. They show that France is breeding a new generation of entrepreneurs equipped to provide the most innovative solutions to world’s health problems.


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